“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic...”
——Arthur C. Clarke.

Code Generation

Harness the power of code generation for your business.
Code generation allows us to devlop to a high standard in a short time.


LandoByte systems are built on the comprehensive framework.
This means that all our systems have the reliablity,
security and flexibility that you need for you business.

Rapid Systems Development

With the LandoByte Framework we can develop and deploy professional
custom system that fit your needs in weeks and months
rather than months and years.

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About Us

LandoByte provides professional consulting services and rapid development of web-application and systems. We pride ourselves on good system design...



We at LandoByte offer complete web-application and system solution services. We are proficient in taking a concept system requirement from a ...


Automated, intelligent data capture and filing.

FileByMagic is an automated data capture and filing system.
It uses ground breaking artificial intelligence to read documents like humans do, and it’s getting pretty good at it.

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